GEVEA produces fuse arrangements in different designs, suited for modern over head line building for electric power supply and railway. The flexible construction does that they of course fit into old constructions.

Fuse equipment SKS is delivered as a complete three phase assembled unit. It´s delivered with the steelwork folded, which makes the transport and handling easier.

The fuse disconnector L33 is delivered as single-phased units for mounting on a separate crossarm.

It could be combined with different types of surge arrestors, spark gaps and fuses.

It’s produced for 12 and 24 kV fuse standard.

They could be delivered with different insulator material. As standard they are delivered with outdoor epoxy resin insulators, for the best performance in all environments.

The fuse holder contact parts are designed to function in difficult situations without any influence from external settings or high temperatures.

The fuse holders contact pressure is assured from the springy property of the material in combination with a stainless acid-proof press spring. This guarantees a high safeness of operation in combined with different types of fuses.