The fuse disconnector LKI is delivered as a complete three phase unit, 12-24kV. It´s mounted vertical on single pole.

It combines the advantage from both the disconnector and the fuse base, does the design especially suitable when three phase disconnecting is required before the fuses. For example when disconnecting long cables you avoid unbalance in the system with three phase operation.

The fuse disconnector is basically our fuse equipment L33G with a disconnector type GDS added to it. It gives a reliable design with god experience of operation. They are delivered as a three-phase unit, assembled on a fuse base cross arm.

Could be combined with different types of surge arrestors and fuses.

The fuse disconnectors are as the other disconnectors produced by GEVEA, and made in modern sheet metal technique with strengthen profile pressing, which gives high mechanical strength with low weight.

They are delivered as standard with outdoor epoxy resin insulators, for the best isolation quality in difficult environment. They can also be delivered with other insulator material.

To avoid that the jumpers break during operation, are the disconnectors delivered with hinge terminal palm this eliminates this problem. This gives an easily operated disconnector.

The construction of the contact parts have been suited to stand big movements and forces without that the contact function is negative influenced. This suites also motor operation.

To obtain long lifetime with a minimum of maintenance are the contact parts nickel plated.

The disconnector could be delivered suited for any motor operator system on the marked and is recommended from several producers of motor operators.