The switch for every medium voltage equipment

The GDS range is a modern switch system with components for different isolation and switching applications in over headlines and substations. The system is characterized by a high degree of flexibility in order to meet different national standards as well as to meet various customer specifications.
The base in the switch system is the phase element. To this component can different accessories be added for having the requested disconnector or switch specification.
The switch can be installed in all different pole types, wood, concrete, steel poles or substation structures.

Different insulator alternatives

The GDS can be supplied with a wide range of different insulators in order to meet different isolation philosophies, environmental conditions and different standards.
The components of the switch system allow for different insulators to be used due to the design with parallel insulators without affecting the base and contact components.
As standard can porcelain, outdoor epoxy resin and silicon rubber insulators are offered. Beside the standard material can also insulators according to customer specifications be used.

36-52 kV disconnector

Disconnector GDS 36/52 is a modern construction with a wide field in overhead lines and substations. It could be delivered as standard wit porcelain, but as requested also be delivered with silicon rubber insulators. The disconnector could be mounted on a standard cross arm in one or H-pole designs.
A well suited range of accessories gives a wider field. The construction of the equipment suites well for modern line building system with BL for 52 kV. The construction is also suited for mounting on existing cross arms and platforms, when exchange of old equipment is needed.