AB Gevea
Box 12043
SE-600 12 Norrköping

Visiting adress / Delivery adress
Vagngatan 9
603 63 Norrköping

Phone: +46 11-18 48 00
Fax: +46 11-18 23 50

E-mail: info(at)gevea.se


GEVEA are since 1999 quality certified, now according to ISO ISO 9001:2015 standards.

To assure that the quality job should be a natural part in the daily work, we work with a delegated personal responsibility. This requires education and responsibility to report in respective work area.

To manage our high drawn up quality goals, is the selection of suppliers and partners also controlled of our quality goals.

Feedback from our customer’s takes place during continuous visits and a work out follow-up system.

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GEVEA is working with high environmental demands.

This means that environment thinking is a natural part in our daily work, in our own company and in contact with other companies.

In development of products and in manufacturing operations shall we look for solutions with high environment thinking and as far as possible choose the most environmental friendly alternative.

Gevea is affiliated with FTI (Packaging and newspaper collection).